Bringing conceptual perspectives into tax matters

Efficient and individual tax consulting in the area of national, European and international tax law is our profession – and not just from a legal perspective. The spectrum of services GGV has to offer in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Paris goes far beyond the usual on­going tax consultancy­. When advising on complex tax issues and implementing according solutions, it is our comprehensive and proficient approach to devote equal in-depth-treatment to every relevant facet – tax-law, operational and business aspects.­­­­ Our success ensured by a cross-divisional-team effort and the active involvement of our colleagues: corporate, notary services and chartered accountants, thus securing the correct treatment both contractually as well as with regards to balance sheets.

Our expertise


  • Ongoing tax consulting; preparation of tax returns for companies and private individuals
  • Tax-enforcement advice
  • Assistance with tax audits
  • Expatriates


Tax litigation

Real estate investments

Asset and company succession

  • Cross-border investments (inbound/outbound)
  • National and international company acquisitions and sales


National and international tax law

  • Cross-border investments (inbound/outbound)
  • National and international company acquisitions and sales
  • Non-profit organisations, foundations, associations, organisations


VAT law

Reorganization tax law

Corporate structuring, including in the cross-border context:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions and other transactions
  • Formal restructuring and reorganization, such as change of legal form or conversion of foreign subsidiaries to production sites
  • Functional restructuring, such as the conversion of proprietary traders to a franchise distribution network
  • Mergers, split-ups, demergers and much more


Tax consulting in questions of international secondments
(expatriates, international assignment)

 Representation upon charges of tax evasion

Our approach

  • Identifying the most beneficial path from a standpoint of taxation, based on a business-oriented approach
  • Developing a customised and quickly actionable concept for tax savings

Our clients

  • mid-sized and owner-managed enterprises
  • Tax departments
  • Human resources departments in medium-sized and large enterprises
  • Organisations and associations
  • Foundations, non-profit organisations
  • Family offices
  • Asset owners seeking advice